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Biker Vest

Biker Vest

$ 19.95

These fashionable, fun and cute biker vests are a top seller.  It's an outfit and walking harness all in one!  What more could you want?  Give your sweetie a little edge while walking down the street in this cool biker vest.

Size              Chest                  Weight lbs.                Length of the back:          Opening of the neck:

TC                 9-10 in                    2 lbs                             4in                                  8 in

XX                12-14 in                  2-5 lbs                           5in                               10-12 in

XS                16-19 in                  5-15 lbs                          7in                               14-17 in

SM                21-24 in                  12-20 lbs                        9in                               17-19 in


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